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Thermostats & Zoning Products

Thermostats are the brain of your heating and cooling system, while zoning is the muscle. Every system requires a thermostat, and zoning is great option to add on. Lagana Plumbing & Heating carries a full aray of options.  We feature Nexia controls and zoning products to provide optimum control, comfort and energy savings for your home.  A Nexia thermostat, like the one pictured here, offers fully expandable comfort control.  It is easy to read and easy to operate. It can be configured for any type of operation, from simple "up/down" control - to fully automated schedules of temperature and humidity that fit your lifestyle.  A Nexia thermostat also has the capability to be the central component in an easily expandable network of "Smart Home" devices.  Monitor and control your system securely from any mobile device.  Turn up your heat or air conditioning when you're on your way home.  Recieve a text alert if there is a potential problem with your system.  Stay connected and in control while you're on the go.